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yes_check 2Turn more of your website ‘visitors’ into paying customers

yes_check 2Get more profit out of your marketing dollar

yes_check 2Leverage your website into more sales

How you ask?

With the help of a relatively simple tool – an email ‘Autoresponder‘.

In a nutshell, as the word suggests, an Autoresponder  ‘automatically responds’ to your customers and potential customers for you, so that you have more time to focus on your business.

Email Autoresponders = More Sales = More Profits!


Most small businesses focus 100% of their marketing efforts on those that are ready to buy today and forget about the rest. A costly mistake!

You’ve spent good money and time getting them to your website. Why not also be there when they are ready to buy? If you’re not, your competitors will be.

The Money is in The List

You’ve probably heard the expression, “the money is in the list”. When it comes to email marketing, what this means is that when you have a list of contacts that have already prequalified themselves as being interested in your product (they have visited your website) and have voluntarily given you their contact information, you have something extremely powerful.

At this point you can separate yourself from the hounding masses of marketers fighting for clients, to building a relationship with your prospect by providing them with interesting information that helps educate them on your business  or industry and your product(s). All things being equal, would you rather buy from a total stranger, or someone you know?

By keeping in regular contact with them through their inbox, you can not only soft market your products or services to them, but also earn their trust, so that when its decision time, you are the natural choice of provider.

What can an Autoresponder do to help?

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Build a relationship with your potential customers through email marketing

yes_check 2Educate and solve their problems

yes_check 2Convert potential customers into paying customers

Why Review These Particular Autoresponders?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing an Autoreponder. We have chosen to review  the 2 Autoresponders that we feel are the “best overall Autoresponders” based on the following criteria:

User Friendly – Don’t have to be technical wizard to use

Multi-Functional -Not too basic.  Contains a variety of functions

Cost Effective – We feel these options provide a great price point for any budget

Scalable – Ability to email to a list of 100 or 100,000

Strong Support – Each company provides helpful video tutorials and user support

Solid Tracking – Know who opened your email and clicked your links

Proven Track Record – These autoresponders have been around to stand the test of time

Which Email Autoresponders Made the Cut?

Based on our personal experience and investigation, we found the following Email Autoresponders ranked highest based on the above criteria and therefore were worthy of reviewing for this website:

Aweber Review
Getresponse Review



Click on either of the email Autoresponder Providers above to see a Comprehensive Review.



Browse our Reviews, view our Videos and read our Featured Articles and you’ll see – setting up an email marketing campaign is surprisingly simple!

Our goal here at is to help you find the Autoresponder that works best for you and your business!

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