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You see that guy above? Know who he is?

That’s your competitor ‘mowing your lawn’, while you find more ways to let him.

He’s taking that customer that could have been yours; and the worst part is, you may be letting him by coming up with more excuses.

How do I know?

Let’s just say, the list of excuses below is compiled by a guy who, for many years, suffered from a near terminal case of ‘Acute Excuse-itis‘, so I’ve seen them before.

Its symptoms include screwing oneself over, time and again, by letting excuses stop you, and pushing the realization of your dreams out further and further.

While I’m not totally cured (so says my wife), thankfully I’m on the road to recovery and my hope is that after you read through this article (if you are afflicted with any of these), you’ll join me in the recovery room.

Excuse #1:  I don’t have time to learn & implement a new marketing system

Let me guess, you’ve got a million ideas running through your head, a thousand fires to put out; most days you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused and don’t know which way is up? I could say, “well…that’s small business…” but it doesn’t have to be.

Are you too busy to grow your customers and make more money?

I realized years ago, that while small business can be hectic, the way to make it less so, is to implement systems that work by themselves (independent of you) allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Email marketing is one of those ‘systems’ that, once set up, has an automated component that captures new leads, helps convert those leads to customers and help move your existing customers to repeat customers by automatically following up and engaging with all of them.

I’m not trying to say that there is no work involved, I’m just saying that the work is mostly front end loaded, meaning that once you get it set up, you can move from active laborer to one who tweaks and ‘oversees’ the system – making small changes as needed.

Wouldn’t delegating work to a system, that helps build your business and your sales, while allowing you to work more on your business, rather than in your business, be a step in the right direction? You can find a way to make time for that – can’t you?

Excuse #2: I don’t have the budget for email marketing right now?

I can relate to this excuse personally, because it prevented my business growth for a long time. Starting a new business or running a small business requires very diligent management of your expenses.

Email Marketing Excuses Post Money is Tight

I used to think…

“I’ll increase my budget for marketing etc. once I make some more money. Right now I’m struggling to keep the lights on and additional expenses are just not what is needed now”.

I now realize …

This is backward thinking that can kill your goals, dreams and your business!

I grew up with a ‘scarcity’ mentality, and while I respected money and understood its value, I held it so tightly that I let opportunities pass me by. I needed to remind myself about the difference between cost and investment.

A cost, of course, is paying for something and not seeing a return. Once the money is spent, it’s gone forever. An investment recovers the cost and provides a return.

Email marketing is an investment, and the great news about email marketing is that

the return on that investment is a mind blowing 4,300% !!

that’s not a typo!! For every $1 spent, $43.00 is the average return on email marketing investment ( And by the way, email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media (

Email marketing in the purest sense, is simply following up with potential prospects, prospects, and customers in order to build or maintain a relationship with them.

The only real cost in doing that (effectively at least) is the cost of your time to put together an email series (time to write a minimum of 3 emails) and the cost of the service that automates that process for you – called an Email Service Provider (ESP). A top quality ESP starts around $20 per month.

In fact, when used effectively, you will want to spend as much on your email marketing and sales funnel as you possibly can and grow your budget as fast as possible. With an ROI like that, I think you can see why.

Excuse #3: I’m not tech-savvy

Ten years ago or so, I might have said this is a valid excuse. The truth is, today if you can turn a computer on and operate a mouse, you can run an email marketing campaign (from a technological perspective).

Email Marketing Excuses Child Laptop

Every ESP (Email Service Provider) that is worth using, has step-by-step videos on how to do each step in the process. And if that still seems too daunting, you can always outsource that to someone else very inexpensively, but I would bet you’ve got this.

Excuse #4: I don’t have an online business

If you have a business that has customers, you can benefit from email marketing.

Have you ever walked into a clothing store, or grocery store, etc. and been asked for your email address at check out? While some of these businesses may sell products online, many do not; but that does not stop them from asking for your email address.

The reason is so they can build a relationship with you through your inbox to get you to know, like, and trust them more in the hopes of keeping you as their customer. They can send you coupons, make you aware of upcoming sales, tell you about new products, or just keep themselves top of mind for you so that next time you want to buy something, you think of them first.

Is that not something you would want for your online or offline business?

Excuse #5: It’s OK, I’m already active on social media

You’re active on social media, that’s great. Maybe you have a large following of loyal fans that can’t wait to engage with you. Awesome. Keep it up!

Email Marketing Excuses Post - Social Icons

So why even consider email marketing? After all, email is so 1990s right? Well… answer this, do you still have an email account? Ever check your email on your phone?

While personal email use as a means of keeping in touch with others has certainly decreased and moved toward the social platforms and text messaging, email as a marketing tool to consumers has increased dramatically (helped largely by the growth of mobile email).

According to report findings of the Direct Marketing Association, 66 percent of online consumers made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message. In fact, email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined (

Then there’s the issue of ‘control’. Email marketers often consider the single most valuable asset that their companies have is their email “list” (prospects or customers who have voluntarily subscribed to receive marketing material).

What if Facebook or Twitter change their Terms of Service (that never happens) or they decide you did something wrong and ban you? What happens to all those followers that you worked hard for? With email marketing, you have control of your list.

And then there’s the issue of segmenting. What if you wanted to send a message only to those followers of yours that bought a product from you in the last 30 days, for example? With social media, it can be more difficult or expensive to segment those followers from the rest of them. Everyone will see your feed or tweet.

With social media you can target your audience like crazy through advertising, but you have to pay for that. With email marketing in a couple of minutes you can draft and send an email directly to specific people on your list.

I’m not poo-pooing on social media. It’s important. Just suggesting you may want to combine it with email marketing for extra punch.

Excuse #6: I’m afraid it won’t work

Isn’t the potential to cost effectively acquire new customers and maintain relationships with existing customers while building your brand and establishing credibility and trust at least worth giving it a shot?

Are your competitors doing it? If so, ever ask yourself why? If not, wouldn’t it be great to have a leg up on them? Before you spend any money, seek knowledge first. Knowledge alleviates fear.

Why not ask your customers? If you have a retail store just ask at checkout:” if I was to collect your information and send you emails of upcoming sales, or info about our company, or ways to get more out of our product or… would you be interested?”

If you’re 100% online, send out a survey or ask your Facebook or Twitter followers. Or, go into Facebook groups or forums and ask.

If you blog, pay attention to the questions your readers or clients tend to ask you, and in one of your posts, simply ask the questions and pay attention to the comments it produces. Then you’ll have an answer to whether or not your market might be interested.

Excuse #7: My business is too small

Tough love time…That mindset will unfortunately only keep your business small. You have to begin with the end in mind. What I mean is: if you one day want to have a bigger business, you have to think bigger right from the start. You do want to grow don’t you?

Email marketing provides a means for tremendously effective growth and it is a great opportunity to ‘beat’ the big guys, because you can add personality into your correspondence and create a relationship with your leads and customers that the ‘big guys’ would envy.

Excuse #8: I don’t need it

Perhaps you have all the customers you can handle at present, or more money than you know what to do with? If not, I’d respectfully disagree. An email marketing strategy can only benefit your small business. If so, cool, can I borrow for a few bucks?

While I don’t know the ins and outs of your specific business, I don’t think there are too many, if any, businesses that don’t need email marketing – or at least, that couldn’t benefit immensely from using it.

Excuse #9: I don’t know anything about email marketing or even where to start

I hear ya. Like I said before, knowledge alleviates fear. If you are new to email marketing or if you have been using email marketing for a while now, but are not happy with the results you are getting, I am putting together a FREE Video Series very soon, that walks you through all things email marketing; including…

  • What email marketing is and how to leverage it for more growth in your business, without a corresponding increase in your time.
  • How to get started, what the process is, and how to implement it (step-by step)
  • How to engage leads and customers, and get them hounding you for more
  • Measuring and tweaking performance to reduce costs and increase conversions

Basically all the steps to take in order to convert a stranger to a lead, a lead to a customer and onto repeat customer in order to grow your business. If you are interested in pre-registering to receive this FREE video series, simply CLICK HERE or on the button below.

Free Email Marketing Leverage Video Series
If you’d rather hunt for your own information on email marketing, that’s cool, there are plenty of great resources out there. Do some searching, but most important do some implementing. Great things will happen.

This article is about excuses, but if I was to do a similar article about “Top 9 Regrets” when it comes to email marketing, I know exactly what #1 would be, because I hear it all the time from email marketers, and that is,

“I only wish I would have started growing my list sooner”

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now. My hope is that if you originally had one or more of these excuses that they aren’t excuses for you anymore and that your eyes are more open to the potential that email marketing provides to growing your small business, customers and profits.

Email Marketing No Excuses

Luck favors the bold, so get out there and make it happen!! I have no doubt YOU CAN DO THIS.


Note: I really want to make these blog posts as good as they can be. If you have suggestions about what I can improve on, or things that I left out that you want would like to see added, or simply things that you agree with or don’t agree with, please let me know in the comments below. I read them all personally and won’t be hurt or offended, but rather, appreciative.

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Aweber Free Trial

As of March 2015, Aweber is in fact offering a Free Trial.

To jump straight to your Free Trial, click here.

Is this a watered down version of the full program and features?

Nope. Even though it is a Free Trial, you get full access to all of Aweber’s Features for 30 days. Not only do you get full access to do your email marketing, but you also have:

  • No setup fees or hidden charges
  • No contract. You can cancel at any time
  • Ability to change your plan at any time after your free trial

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. What’s The Catch?

The only “catch”, if I can even call it that, is that Aweber will require your credit card as part of the account signup process. If you decide you don’t like Aweber’s email marketing service, just cancel your account before the trial period ends. That’s it.

Other than that and the standard language that you would expect to find in any Service Agreement (which you will have to agree to in order to activate your free trial), like: you cannot use the services for illegal activity, cannot sell pornographic or sex-related merchandise, send spam, or trick anyone into signing up on your list etc.; you will have immediate access once you click the “complete my order” button.

If something is ‘free’ then why do I need to provide a card?

Aweber states that they do so, so as to avoid any interruption in your service, should you decide to continue with Aweber after your free trial period.

Remember: the onus is on you to cancel your subscription at the end of your trial period if you are not happy with the service and do not wish to continue. Otherwise your credit card will be charged for the next period.

So How Do I Sign Up For My Free Trial?

To Sign Up, you just go through the following steps (screen shots of each step below the video):

  1. Click here
  2. Select a Plan
  3. Create Your Account
  4. Enter Billing Information
  5. Agree to the Service Agreement by clicking

For a step by step over the shoulder example of the exact steps to sign up for your Free Trial, click on the video below:

Click here for your FREE TRIAL

Step 2: Select a Plan

The “First Month Free” button will be selected for you by default, so no need to change anything here.

Aweber Select A Plan

Step 3: Create Your Account

You will need to create a Login Name and fill in the rest of the required information.

Aweber Create Your Account

Step 4: Enter Billing Information

Fill this in, but just remember, that you will be charged after the trial period if you do not cancel it.

Aweber Enter Billing Info

Step 5: Agree to the Service Agreement

Take a last look through the service agreement if you like (by clicking the Service Agreement Link) to make sure you are cool with the terms.

Make sure, one last time, that the plan you have selected is the “First Month FREE Then only $19 monthly!” option; and if you are good to go, just click the “Complete My Order” button and you will be taken to the Aweber site.

Aweber Service Agreement

To get right into how things work and how to set things up, take a look at the extensive list of videos/tutorials in the Knowledge Base section.

If I Don’t Like Using Aweber, How Do I Cancel My Account To Avoid Further Charges?

If you decide to cancel your account, just send an email to with the associated login name that you created when you signed up for the free trial BEFORE the trial period ends.



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If you are new to email marketing and have heard of Aweber Communications, but are not too sure what some of the benefits are to using this email marketing provider, we’ve put together a brief video (1:38) to introduce you to Aweber.

Simply click on the video and have a listen.

If you enjoyed the video and would like to learn more about using Email Autoresponders for your small business, feel free to go back to our home page at

For a more comprehensive review of Aweber including pricing information, benefits, things to be aware of based on personal experience etc., check out

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DISCLOSURE: I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission.

You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. In fact, I’m often able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere.


I do not believe in recommending or promoting products that I don’t use or haven’t used myself or don’t believe in. Any reviews will not be biased by any potential compensation, but will be a true reflection of value I feel that the products adds (if any) – whether positive or negative.

Plus, when you order through my link, it helps me to continue to offer you lots of free stuff. Thank you, in advance for your support!

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Create Newsletters with Getresponse: Logo

If you’ve watched the video How to Create Email Campaigns with GetResponse, you know that a campaign is simply a series of follow up messages sent to your customers or potential customers to help build a relationship with them and stay ‘top of mind’.


Keep customers (or potential customers) up to date and your business ‘top of mind’ with dynamic newsletters.


Sending out those follow up messages can be done by way of a ‘newsletter’, either by sending a plain text message (like you would normally see) or by sending out a professionally designed html newsletter, to help grab the readers attention and make your messages stand out.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to know html code or hire someone to design these newsletters for you. GetResponse has 100s of professionally designed templates that you can choose from and customize to your liking. This not only allows you to stand out, but also helps establish or maintain your brand.


In the video below by GetResponse, they explain step by step how to create your newsletters inside of their email marketing software.


Simply click the video below and enjoy.

World's Easiest Email Marketing!

As always, I hope this video was of value to you and helps you put together great newsletters with GetResponse.

If you want more information on other services and functions GetResponse has to offer, you can check out my Review of Getresponse or if you want even more detailed information, you can try here.

Hope this helps,

KevinSignature 18pt-3
If after reading my review and viewing the videos on our site you are on the fence as to whether GetResponse will work for you, keep in mind that you can always take a test drive of GetResponse for free for one month. No credit card required and no surprises. Just thought you should know!

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Getresponse logo for email campaignSo you’ve signed up for GetResponse (or are thinking about it) because you want to turn your website visitors into customers.

Great. What’s next?

Well, if you’ve followed the steps in the last video and used the Form Wizard to create a ‘Sign Up Form’ on your website to collect your visitors contact information to build your list, you now want to follow up with that list. To do that, you need to create an email campaign.

What is an email campaign you ask?

It’s simply a series of follow up email messages at pre-defined intervals to those contacts on your list.


The video below describes the steps involved in creating your new email campaign.

Simply click the video below, sit back and enjoy.

World's Easiest Email Marketing!

I sure hope you found the video on How to Create Email Campaigns with GetResponse an informative one.

If you haven’t already, why not check out a GetResponse Review I put together for a list of GetResponse’s features and benefits, to help you decide if GetResponse is for you?

Hope this video helps!

KevinSignature 18pt-3
Feel free to leave any comments or questions on this video (or about anything on this site) below. We’d like your help on improving this site.

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If you are looking for powerful, easy-to-use email marketing at a great price, you have come to the right place.

In this short video by GetResponse (3:49), they will take you on a tour of their email marketing software and show you how to accomplish the following:

  • Boost your Conversion Rates
  • Increase Sales
  • Maximize ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Save Time

To accomplish this, they will show you how their software can:

  • Convert web visitors into customers by creating a web sign up form
  • Use templates for eye popping campaigns
  • Test email campaigns
  • Set up autoresponders and follow up messages
  • Create high impact audio/visual content
  • Use their email marketing analytics to track your email


With over a decade of experience, GetResponse’s top priority is making sure your email gets through to customer’s in-boxes.

Simply click the video below and enjoy.

World's Easiest Email Marketing!


We hope the video gives you a good sense of some of the functions that GetResponse’s email marketing software has to offer.


For more detailed information, feel free to browse around our site and check out our email Autoresponder Reviews and videos on Autoresponders and related email marketing.


Hope this video helps!
KevinSignature 18pt-3
We will be working hard to improve the quality of
If you have any comments or suggestions, please enter them below.

If you found some value in this video or this site, please SHARE.

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What is Aweber: BenefitsFormulating an effective customer communications campaign in regards to your business can be a daunting process to say the least. After all, you have to spend some time, effort, and possibly even money looking into the best, most effective ways to get through to your clientele. Then you have to figure out how you’re going to come up with the time to actually put your strategies into practice, as there are only 24 hours in a day  and you’re just one person.

That’s where getting the right tools for the job into your corner sooner rather than later can really be a big help though and this is especially the case when it comes to autoresponders.

What Is AWeber?

Although there is some debate as to which autoresponder is the best, it’s hard to go wrong with one of the most widely chosen choices available and that’s AWeber beyond the shadow of any doubt… but what is AWeber and what can it do for you and your business?

AWeber is a comprehensive autoresponder software option similar to GetResponse (another top option). However, it’s considered to be the premium option for serious business owners who want to make sure they have the best of the best at their disposal. Let’s take a closer look at what AWeber brings to the table, as well as how it stacks up to the competition.

The Benefits of Choosing AWeber

Although a lot of autoresponders are relatively user-friendly, AWeber is actually rated tops by experts for all of the following reasons:

  • You can customize your e-mail and advertising campaigns to practically unheard of levels with ease. Insert multiple forms of media into your blasts, manage multiple mailing lists, and more. Time or sequence various blasts to perfection with just a few mouse clicks. You’ll save yourself so much time you’ll hardly be able to believe it.
  • You’ll enjoy the very best in detailed stats that will easily help you judge the effectiveness of your campaign. See at a glance the frequency at which your blasts are being opened, how often included links are being clicked, and so forth. This makes it easy to see what needs to improve about your campaign going forward.
  • You’ll enjoy flawless customer support and competitive pricing as well. The experts behind AWeber are serious about getting your business and they are willing to do it by offering you a great product you have to see to believe. Try it for yourself today!

Hopefully this article helps shed some light on what Aweber is and how it may benefit you and your business.

If you are looking for more information on Aweber or other Autoresponder Reviews, feel free to browse our site or check out some more of our videos.

If you want more detailed information (directly from Aweber), including tutorials, pricing plans, and additional features, you can also get it straight from the horses mouth.

They even offer a trial of Aweber’s email marketing software for $1.00! So you can actually try it out before you make your decision.

Hope this video helps,

KevinSignature 18pt-3
If you are interested in checking out a Review of Aweber, you can check out one of the two reviews I`ve written below:

What Is Aweber – Aweber Review
Aweber Review – Another Look
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You’ve probably heard the praises sung about Aweber’s email autoresponder software and how well it can work for email marketing campaigns.

What if you have more than one website or business?

What if you have multiple products you want to market without putting people on the same list?


With Aweber you can manage all of your businesses’ email needs in one central place.

As the short video (0:46) below indicates, with Aweber you can run as many campaigns as you like without having to pay any more.


Simply click on the video below, turn up your speakers or put in your earphones and enjoy!

Automate Your Email Marketing with AWeber

If you have more questions about Aweber you can get more information directly from the source or feel free to check out more of our videos, reviews, or email marketing information found here at

Hope this video helps,

KevinSignature 18pt-3
If you are interested in checking out a Review of Aweber, you can check out one of the two reviews I`ve written below:
What Is Aweber – Aweber Review
Aweber Review – Another Look

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Whether you run a business online or offline, there is a significant advantage to adding an email Autoresponder to your marketing efforts.

In this short video (2:26), small business owners share their thoughts on Aweber’s email marketing capabilities and why they feel Aweber is the right choice for them.

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

Hopefully this helps you in making your decision on what Autoresponder would work best for you and your business.
If you are looking for more information on Aweber or other Autoresponder Reviews, feel free to browse our site or check out some more of our videos.
If you want more detailed information you can also get it straight from the horses mouth.

Hope this video helps,

If you are interested in checking out a Review of Aweber, you can check out one of the two reviews I`ve written below:

What Is Aweber – Aweber Review
Aweber Review – Another Look

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