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Does Aweber Offer A Free Trial Of Their Email Marketing Software?

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Aweber Free Trial

As of March 2015, Aweber is in fact offering a Free Trial.

To jump straight to your Free Trial, click here.

Is this a watered down version of the full program and features?

Nope. Even though it is a Free Trial, you get full access to all of Aweber’s Features for 30 days. Not only do you get full access to do your email marketing, but you also have:

  • No setup fees or hidden charges
  • No contract. You can cancel at any time
  • Ability to change your plan at any time after your free trial

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. What’s The Catch?

The only “catch”, if I can even call it that, is that Aweber will require your credit card as part of the account signup process. If you decide you don’t like Aweber’s email marketing service, just cancel your account before the trial period ends. That’s it.

Other than that and the standard language that you would expect to find in any Service Agreement (which you will have to agree to in order to activate your free trial), like: you cannot use the services for illegal activity, cannot sell pornographic or sex-related merchandise, send spam, or trick anyone into signing up on your list etc.; you will have immediate access once you click the “complete my order” button.

If something is ‘free’ then why do I need to provide a card?

Aweber states that they do so, so as to avoid any interruption in your service, should you decide to continue with Aweber after your free trial period.

Remember: the onus is on you to cancel your subscription at the end of your trial period if you are not happy with the service and do not wish to continue. Otherwise your credit card will be charged for the next period.

So How Do I Sign Up For My Free Trial?

To Sign Up, you just go through the following steps (screen shots of each step below the video):

  1. Click here
  2. Select a Plan
  3. Create Your Account
  4. Enter Billing Information
  5. Agree to the Service Agreement by clicking

For a step by step over the shoulder example of the exact steps to sign up for your Free Trial, click on the video below:

Click here for your FREE TRIAL

Step 2: Select a Plan

The “First Month Free” button will be selected for you by default, so no need to change anything here.

Aweber Select A Plan

Step 3: Create Your Account

You will need to create a Login Name and fill in the rest of the required information.

Aweber Create Your Account

Step 4: Enter Billing Information

Fill this in, but just remember, that you will be charged after the trial period if you do not cancel it.

Aweber Enter Billing Info

Step 5: Agree to the Service Agreement

Take a last look through the service agreement if you like (by clicking the Service Agreement Link) to make sure you are cool with the terms.

Make sure, one last time, that the plan you have selected is the “First Month FREE Then only $19 monthly!” option; and if you are good to go, just click the “Complete My Order” button and you will be taken to the Aweber site.

Aweber Service Agreement

To get right into how things work and how to set things up, take a look at the extensive list of videos/tutorials in the Knowledge Base section.

If I Don’t Like Using Aweber, How Do I Cancel My Account To Avoid Further Charges?

If you decide to cancel your account, just send an email to help@aweber.com with the associated login name that you created when you signed up for the free trial BEFORE the trial period ends.



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