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“GetResponse rolls out “Autoresponders 2.0”

Email marketing campaigns are only effective if they reach your intended recipients at the right time. With the new intuitive interface, you can now not only take advantage of time-based autoresponders, but action-based autoresponders.

What does this mean for me?

Time Based: Allows you to send a follow up email at specific time intervals after your subscriber subcribes to you.

Action Based: Allows you to send a message to your subscriber based on a specific action that they perform. For example, when they click one of your links, open an email, subscribe to your list or reach a certain goal – like buying a product of yours.

Check it out with a free test drive here


  • Unlimited autoresponders
  • Up to five follow-ups
  • Automatic delivery within 30 seconds of receiving a new “subscriber” request
  • Unlimited message length
  • Unlimited message changes
  • Intuitive, password protected administrative control panel
  • Tracking ability so you can tell which outgoing communications are getting the best responses
  • An extensive and fully-interactive database of all your prospects, actions taken, and progress made
  • Easy mailing list management, including the ability to automatically send out regularly scheduled messages or newsletters to your entire list
  • Automatic removal of undeliverables or hard bounces from your mailing list
  • Built-in anti-spam filters
  • Array of personalization features, to make your autoresponders truly your own

With GetResponse, you receive:

  • Unlimited Follow-Ups
  •  Unlimited PRO Autoresponders – that let you:
  •  Create as many accounts as you want
  •  Run multiple mailing lists
  •  Promote a variety of products
  •  Send out different ezines
  •  Market your other businesses
  •  Share email addresses between your various accounts
  •  Popup Creator – a software product you’d typically have to buy separately, comes as part of the package, along with the option of creating unblockable popovers
  •  “Pay Per Subscriber” List Builder list-building service – an optional add-on that automatically adds unique, high-quality subscribers to your lists for you
  •  A thorough, four-stage tracking method for identifying your most effective autoresponders – includes click-throughs and open rates
  •  “This-Instant Follow-Up” feature allows your eagerest subscribers to request immediately delivery of the next message or messages in sequence without waiting your defined time interval
  •  NEW Visual Postcards – a whole new, eye-catching and appealing kind of message
  •  HTML Snap-In Form Wizard for creating forms that fit seamlessly into your autoresponders and can even be cut and pasted into your web pages
  •  HTML Smart-Converter converts HTML into plain text
  •  Your own unique confirmation screen
  •  Choose from up to 19 different autoresponder domains
  •  Black Lists to block unwanted emails, or entire domains
  •  Easy bounce-back management, including automatic retries and eventual removal of undeliverables
  •  Regularly scheduled, automatically emailed Activity Reports
  •  Plus seven free bonus gifts:
  •  Killer E-Zine Tactics ebook by Lee Benson
  •  Unleash Your Internet Marketing Success ebook by Simon Garbowski
  •  Cashflow eBusiness ebook
  •  How to Create Your Own Products special insider report
  •  How to Get and Use an Autoresponder With Your Own Domain Name Address exclusive report
  •  500 free ad exposures (on GetResponse FREE customers’ free autoresponders)


  • Design mode for easily composing and editing your messages, including the ability to embed HTML without needing to know HTML
  • Broadcast personalized emails to your entire mailing list or just selected portions at once
  • Attach files of all types – ebooks, software, photographs – to your outgoing communications
  • RSS/XML feeds
  • Online archives
  • Total compliance with the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 and full, user-alterable spam-checking feature for all your messages
  • Brand your autoresponder addresses with your company, promotion, product, or special offer’s name
  • Changes made to a master list automatically trickle down to the relevant “child” lists
  • And add as many custom merge-fields into your messages as you like
  • Free lifetime upgrades

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