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How to Create Newsletters with GetResponse

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Create Newsletters with Getresponse: Logo

If you’ve watched the video How to Create Email Campaigns with GetResponse, you know that a campaign is simply a series of follow up messages sent to your customers or potential customers to help build a relationship with them and stay ‘top of mind’.


Keep customers (or potential customers) up to date and your business ‘top of mind’ with dynamic newsletters.


Sending out those follow up messages can be done by way of a ‘newsletter’, either by sending a plain text message (like you would normally see) or by sending out a professionally designed html newsletter, to help grab the readers attention and make your messages stand out.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to know html code or hire someone to design these newsletters for you. GetResponse has 100s of professionally designed templates that you can choose from and customize to your liking. This not only allows you to stand out, but also helps establish or maintain your brand.


In the video below by GetResponse, they explain step by step how to create your newsletters inside of their email marketing software.


Simply click the video below and enjoy.

World's Easiest Email Marketing!

As always, I hope this video was of value to you and helps you put together great newsletters with GetResponse.

If you want more information on other services and functions GetResponse has to offer, you can check out my Review of Getresponse or if you want even more detailed information, you can try here.

Hope this helps,

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If after reading my review and viewing the videos on our site you are on the fence as to whether GetResponse will work for you, keep in mind that you can always take a test drive of GetResponse for free for one month. No credit card required and no surprises. Just thought you should know!

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